21 Aug, 2012

The Umami Mart store

I spent my summer in California eating burgers, looking at palm trees - and designing a Japanese popup store.

> Umami Mart
20 Aug, 2012


New Danish classroom learning system.


Commissioned by and executed in collaboration with Danish childrens' media expert Anders Morgenthaler, production company Copenhagen Bombay and educational expert Helle Fisker.

> Bubabu
6 Aug, 2012

Umami Mart is open

The new Umami Mart Store in Oakland, California has opened its doors after 2 months of hard labour.

Thank you to the massive crowd that showed up and partied hard including press, friends and even a real yakuza fight incident... I love the Bay Area, it's so off the hook.

A very skilled photographer will swing by this week to document the store.

9 Jul, 2012

Umami Mart

If you're in San Francisco on August 3rd, you're invited to the opening of the new 180 m2 Japanese design store Umami Mart which I'm doing the interiors, furniture and identity for.

Japanese Shinto temple meets Scandinavian purity and American brick wall aesthetics, all melted into a low budget popup shop with high budget face value. Come join us for the party!


--> http://www.umamimart.com/2012/06/big-news-umami-mart-lands-in-old-oakland

2 Jul, 2012

Wet Summer

I designed the cover for the new psychedelic shoegaze pop single from Danish band SHANGHAI "Wet Summer" out today on iTunes.


Space out and buy the single here:


> Shanghai
25 Jun, 2012

Decadent identity

I did the identity and visual research for new decadent French bar in Copenhagen L'Etoile.

> LEtoile
15 Jun, 2012

Sculpture studio work

I've been spending the last three days barred in at Danish ceramist artist Louise Gaarmann's studio working on a range of earthenware pieces for an upcoming exhibition in Copenhagen this autumn.

7 Jun, 2012

New Oline project

A new fresh Oline selection of games are in the melting pot.

I'm working with Danish Broadcasting Corp and the web agency No Zebra in creating some new fun adventures for the little bee.


We're experimenting with new technology in order to use one code base for all platforms, making it instantly ready for both laptops, desktops, smartphones and iPad.


Check out a small video test here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QJVBRRXZCs8

21 May, 2012

Craftsman of the year

I am nominated for Craftsman of The Year by Boligmagasinets Design Awards 2012 for my work in ceramics and interiors.

Winners are announced at a reception in Copenhagen on September 13th 2012.

29 Apr, 2012

Mine Mine Mine

New video for the Shanghai single "Mine Mine Mine" found on the "The Priest" EP from 2011.


Director and VFX: Pingo van der Brinkløv

D.O.P: Michael Saur Christensen

Make-up: Dina Marinelli Brandt

Styling: Anders Arhoj



19 Apr, 2012

Shanghai anno 1920

On the set with Swedish photographer Charlotte Eugenié and Danish band Shanghai.


Assisting in styling of shooting new decadent, 1920's inspired press pictures for upcoming releases.

11 Apr, 2012

Med Oline på nettet

I designed a children's campaign for DFI and DR last year but forgot to put it online.


It's never too early to teach your child good manners on the web.

> Med Oline på nettet
2 Apr, 2012

Brass Monkey Mug

New cocktail mug for Copenhagen based tikibar Brass Monkey.


Come down for a sip of monkey juice and some exotic surf'n'turf burgers!

> Brass Monkey
20 Mar, 2012

Orbs in progress

I am finishing up a new product in the ceramic studio called Orb, a round sphere piggybank with 1970's inspired rustic glazes.


Hopefully out in 3-4 weeks in stores.

8 Mar, 2012

Cast your vote!

Today it was made official that I'm a finalist along with 9 other designers to compete for designing the coffee cups in every Scandinavian Airlines plane, serving 70.000 people EVERY day!


I can only win if you vote for me.



Update: I didn't win, but it was great to be a finalist. Thanks for voting!

16 Feb, 2012


Identity, packaging, website & business cards for Danish/English artisan honey startup.


Available across Denmark.

10 Feb, 2012


New 1970's inspired webshop for Danish vintage hobby boutique Husflid.


Stop wasting your time watching all that bad TV and start crafting.

> Husflid
8 Feb, 2012

Styling Shanghai

Helping out with styling for the new music video for the Danish band (and recently Zulu nominated Best New Name) Shanghai, directed by Pingo van der Brinkløv and shot by Michael Sauer Christensen.


Theme is 1970's space lab.

Out late February

3 Feb, 2012

Berlingske MS

More illustrations & collages for Danish newspaper Berlingske's Sunday section called MS featuring love hormones and life with apps.

> Mixed Illustrations
15 Jan, 2012

HAY cards

Four new watercolour works for Danish interior company HAY printed on heavy 270 g paper stock as postcards, double cards and A4 posters.


Available in stores now.


> HAY cards
5 Jan, 2012

Oliver for KFUM IDRÆT

Mascot character design for Danish kids' excercise and sports organisation KFUM Idræt.


Oliver the Squirrel is a happy, carefree gym fan who likes to include everybody in the fun of sports. He doesn't leave the nerds and the gays standing in a corner feeling left out, but has the charisma to engage and invite anyone to join the games.


Needless to say I wish there had been an Oliver when I was in school.

> Characters
31 Dec, 2011

Happy New 2012

2012 will be another busy year, hopefully with less Japanese nuclear disasters and more economic optimism.


Studio Arhoj will be working on and presenting more Oline stuff, new bar identities, new character worlds, a vintage hobby webshop, DIY quilting, lots of new ceramics and a great bunch of illustrations.

Thank you to all clients and friends for playing with and supporting Studio Arhoj.

21 Dec, 2011

City Like You

I was asked by London based designer magazine FILE to write and take photos of my 5 favourite activities in Copenhagen.



12 Dec, 2011

RUM Magazine

I love the Danish interior magazine RUM ("space" in Danish), their taste is impeccable, rustic and caters to no one.


And for the first time one of my designs is featured -  a Spirit piggybank is hiding in a corner of a page.

> Spirits
10 Dec, 2011

Alt med måde

Big one page illustration for Danish newspaper Berlingske's Sunday section.

The article uncovers the new trend of NOT buying anything which leads to new business for the recycling/upcycling/sustainable living industry.


As a self employed ceramic manufacturer, book illustrator and game designer I can't say I fully support the idea of not buying anything new, since I'd be out of business then.

But recycling and trying to repair old stuff instead of just throwing it away - I totally support that.

> Mixed Illustrations