Umami Mart

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> 2012 / identity & interiors / Umami Mart


Identity and interiors for Japanese popup shop in Oakland, California.

Produced in little time and on a super low shoestring budget I designed their new visual identity & universe - and a store inspired by a mix between Japanese Shinto religion and Scandinavia design. The new logo is a kamon - a crest which every family in Japan has, and therefore the Umami Mart family needed their own too. The crest features a sprout - a symbol for new growth and a green future.


Umami Mart is a Japanese food blog & webshop importing speciality & luxurious Japanese kitchen & barware, and is a new addition to the Popuphood initiative in Oakland (outside San Francisco) - giving stores 6 months free rent in dead areas of town to invoke new life and growth and hopefully allow the new shop owners to sign a long term store lease after the test period.


The store is a space in constant movement, taking shape after events, culinary lectures or everyday shopping. As of August 2012 the store is not 100% done yet - more furniture & store items will be designed and built later during the fall. The final result could not have been possible without immense help from friends & family. You know who you are!!!


Photos by American photographer Erin Gleeson

Hanging sign
Window area
Collage Wall
Entrance view
Display table featuring Japanese kitchenware
Register shrine desk containg food map of Japan + a collection of family crests
Decals on register front featuring a Japanese food map & family crests
Market stall & back wall columns (middle area to feature a conference table in the future)
Gift wrapping
Shrine Shelf with roof shapes taken from the Shinto religion
Working on art for the Wall and restoring old frames found around the Bay Area in thrift stores.
Hanging religious Shimenawa paper + wall detail
Giant pussy willows foraged from nearby fenced off area during the night. Thanks, Keisuke + J LO!
Danish ceramic Ghosts by Gaarmann & Arhoj
Collage wall featuring mostly new designs & prints by myself + remixes of other Japanese poster art & traditional food packaging.
Symbolic arrows of the Shinto religion - to warn off evil spirits
Specially tied religious bow + door entrance noren.
Postcards + business cards - glossy black on heavy matte paper stock.
Display table featuring Japanese barware
Many products feature a descripton block explaing their use & history.
Arrow wall
Shop uniforms with Umami Mart family crest
Waiting for customers...