Orb Stoneware

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> 2012 / ceramic money bank / Studio Arhoj


Inspired by a fortunetellers crystal ball I designed a money bank for grown ups: ORB ( from latin orbis = circle) is handmade in Denmark from stained high-fired stoneware and many different glazes.

ORB is available in a wide range of editions, among others the classic version in dark grey stoneware covered by a melting white glaze hanging like drops of cream around the circular shape. The glazes are constantly combined and further developed  – everything is unique – and the way the clay and glaze combine in the kiln is completely unpredictable.

The shape and feel of the ORB joins a rising trend of raw stoneware and ceramics throughout Scandinavia, and clearly acknowledges the love for traditional Japanese arts & crafts.

ORB functions not only as a money bank but also as a piece of clean, abstract sculpture – a classic Scandinavian design product made of honest, natural materials.

ORB fits well into both the rustic, architect drawn spaces and the more curiously decorated homes with colourful design and art.


// Out of production in 2016 and replaced with Orbs in handcast porcelain in white and grey!

Photo by Andreas Stenmann