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> 2016 / porcelain moneybank / Studio Arhoj


We are relaunching one of our signature products - the Orb money bank - in pure porcelain!

Inspired by a fortune tellers crystal ball we designed a money bank for grown ups: ORB ( from latin orbis = circle) is hand-cast in crisp white porcelain.

ORB is available in a wide range of various special high-fire glazes with shiny surfaces, dry textures and thick hanging glaze drops around the circular shape.

The glazes are constantly combined and further developed  – everything is unique – and the way the clay and glaze combine in the kiln is completely unpredictable.

The shape and feel of the ORB joins a rising trend of artistic ceramics throughout Scandinavia which and clearly acknowledges the love for traditional Japanese arts & crafts.

ORB functions not only as a moneybank but also as a piece of clean, abstract sculpture – a classic Scandinavian design product made of honest, natural materials.

ORB fits well into both the rustic, architect drawn spaces and the more curiously decorated homes with colourful design and art.

Available in white and grey porcelain with logo stamped cork stopper.
Comes boxes for safe transport.

13 x 15 cm