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> 2013 / art prints / Studio Arhoj

SOLD OUT as of Dec 2013

The box includes:

* 24 original illustrations by 11 renowned Danish illustrators and designers
* a wooden frame with passepartout
* 24 envelopes in natural paper
* 24 original stickers designed by the illustrators
* Rough string for hanging up envelopes as Christmas Calendar

All illustrations are specifically designed for Danish Art Prints In-A-Box.

Danish Art Prints In-A-Box can be used as a beautiful gift for anyone who likes Scandinavian design & illustration - as a Christmas present, birthday gift, Mother’s Day gift or a gift for a special friend.

You can also use Danish Art Prints In-A-Box as an Advent calendar by hanging the 24 envelopes on a string in your home. Use the 24 number stickers to mark each envelope and open a new art print every day from December 1st to December 24th.

The box features prints by Anders Arhoj, Miss Lotion, Hvass & Hannibal, Emil Kozak, Lisa Grue, Lene Nørgaard, Sune Ehlers, Simon Væth, Jens-Andreas D. Elkjær, Benny Box & Pernille Snedker Hansen.


Price: 249,- DKK


Update: The box sold out almost immediatelywhen launched. We will not be producing this again.

Illustrations by: Anders Arhoj, Simon Væth, Hvass & Hannibal
Illustrations by: Benny Box, Miss Lotion, Lisa Grue
Illustrations by Anders Arhoj, Pernille Snedker Hansen, Lene Nørgaard
Illustrations by Anders Arhoj, Miss Lotion, Emil Kozak
Illustrations by Anders Arhoj, Pernille Snedker Hansen, Lisa Grue
Illustrations by Sune Ehlers, Hvass & Hannibal, Lene Nørgaard
Illustrations by Benny Box, Emil Kozak, Jens-Andreas D. Elkjær
Illustrations by Simon Væth, Sune Ehlers, Jens-Andreas D. Elkjær
Opening the box
Back of box
Sticker sheet with 24 date/number stickers
Sticker sheet
Natural paper envelopes and wooden frame with passepartout
Back of frame with stamped logo in transparent white ink
All illustrations are printed on heavy weight structured acid free paper
Lots of different colours, styles and motifs from the best Danish illustrators to choose from
On the back of each print is the name, description and URL of the artist
You can also use the prints as a card and put it in the enclosed envelopes