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> 2012 / HELT / identity

Logo, identity, website, business cards and packaging design for new Danish artisan honey company HELT.


* Winner of Creative Circle Award for Best Food Packaging 2013
* Winner of Food & Media Award for Best Food Packaging 2013

The labels on the honey jars are colour coded and based on the classic beehive interior honeycomb pattern. Each jar contains unique illustrations and icons based on its special flavour and the flowers from which the particular bees collected the nectar.

All the honey is artisan made in small batches from different parts around Denmark, among others in the next-biggest city in Denmark, Aarhus, where the bees live and make honey inside the city. Nectar from flowers does not contain any pollution so city honey is as clean as from a desolate field in the countryside.

HELT currently produces the flavours: Honey with Licorice, Honey with Sea Buckthorn, Honey with Raspberry, Honey with Ginger, Honey with Chili, Honey with Cranberry, Honey with Cocoa Nibs, Lind Honey, Spring Honey, Summer Honey, Late Summer Honey, Heather Honey, City Honey and Cinnamon Honey.



Seals for all 15 flavours
NEW Nov 2012: The Honeybox containing 3 honies of your choice.
Growing flowers and bees inside the box
A3 poster + assorted illustrations
Business cards / front
Business cards / back
Spring Honey: Happy Easter
Honey with Sea Buck Thorn: Sailing the Danish high sea
Honey with Raspberry: Tivoli Fun Fair
Honey with Ginger: Far East mysteries
Heather Honey: Traditional Danish island of Fanoe motifs
Honey with Licorice: Pop Art
Late Summer Honey: Sunkissed Holiday
Summer Honey: Danish garden flowers
City Honey: Summer in Bee Town
Lind Honey: The Nordic mythology
Store display, spring 2012
The HELT identity won a Creative Circle food packaging award + a Food & Media Award in 2013